This application can be accessed from anywhere in the world by as many participants as required – for a fraction of the operating cost of conducting face-to-face training.

Calliance is the only company to offer this essential Hostage Incident Management Training online; a vital in-depth strategy tool to help you deal with a hostage crisis where we will:

Calliance Learning Management System




Introducing The Learning Management System

By taking the Calliance Learning Management System you will have a better understanding of how to manage a hostage situation; from negotiations, dealing with the media, supporting the family and ultimate recovery – all aspects are covered.

The LMS consists of 16 modules set out by a team of subject matter experts who are Operational Practitioners as well as Approved Learning Managers.

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Our solutions are both web-based and face-to-face to offer Blended Training, dependent on your requirements, level of risk and location.

Our unique Learning Management System – the first of its kind – is a powerful online tool-kit that could effectively save someone’s life.

And as it’s online, we can offer our expertise to more people than ever before.

The LMS will give you the knowledge to:

  • Establish a crisis management team
  • Manage international kidnap cases
  • Prepare, respond and recover from this critical incident

The course comprises of 16 comprehensive modules that you must successfully complete. You can dip in and out of each module, complete it in whatever order suits you and once finished, you will be awarded a certificate of completion. It’s flexible, affordable and above all, invaluable.

It’s not however, a walk in the park. It’s in-depth, it’s real and it’s designed to put in place techniques and tools to help you successfully negotiate and resolve a hostage-taking situation.

It will show you how to best deal with hostage takers for monetary gain, political gain and those who want exposure for their cause. It will help you make the distinction between common criminal and terrorist, help you distinguish between no hope and some hope.

Common sense tells us that time is of the essence in all hostage cases. Your ability to respond quickly to an incident could be the difference between life and death. However, how we approach time, as a tactical tool is also extremely important, the arguments of which are well explored in our LMS.

We also understand that different organisations will have their own policies and procedures to follow – as well as global standards to factor in. The LMS explains all these issues clearly and impartially.

Please note that the LMS is intended to be solely available for bona fide organisations and is not suitable for individuals.

To recap the Calliance LMS offers:

  • Education of your personnel in multiple locations and time zones to the same standard
  • Low Cost
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • One-time fee
  • Secure website
  • Stand alone with automatic email notifications for each participant
  • Complementary blended learning philosophy
  • Continuous professional development
  • Meaningful modules
  • Confidence building
  • Escalator to competence in this topic

In our model, there are 5 stages of Hostage Incident Management: